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International cash management and dedicated support: added value provided by the HSBC Group

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A relationship fundamentally built on trust

In 2019, HSBC France was named “Best Domestic Cash Manager, Overall Services” by Euromoney magazine. This prestigious award is testimony to the know-how of the bank’s specialist teams.

As business becomes increasingly global and risks such as health, geopolitics, environment or cyber security grow, optimising international cash management has become key to success in external markets.

As a result, commercial banks have developed effective business support solutions. Competition is intense, but HSBC France provides added value based on two differentiating factors: the quality of its support and its international presence as a global bank.

A single point of contact

“HSBC France is highly focused on quality of service. It offers customers day-to-day support in Global Payments Solutions (GPS) from a team of dedicated experts, both in France and across the world”, says Nicolas Desbois, Head of Client Management at the HSBC France Global Payments Solutions (GPS) department.

Each customer will get support tailored to their needs.

The Client Service Specialist is a privileged entry point into the relationship. Its main objective is to maximise customer satisfaction, to understand their business and organisation, to answer day-to-day operational questions (giving each one a unique reference number), and to make sure they come up with solutions. If a problem cannot be dealt with immediately, progress points are made until the matter has been resolved.

To offer even more beyond this level of close support, an Account Manager will work closely with the Client Service Specialist to strengthen ties with customers by designing and providing a unique and optimised customer experience. The Account Manager can offer tools and services such as proactive advice on how to organise transaction flows and on events that could improve day-to-day cash management; bespoke training in using the solutions purchased and insights into fraud and security risks; and detailed activity reports in the form of periodic statistics aimed at analysing demands and identifying possible areas for improvement. “The aim is to provide customised solutions, both locally (France, foreign countries) and globally (relations between parent company and subsidiaries or between subsidiaries)”, explains Nicolas Desbois.

A global bank

Teams carry out an audit once or twice a year: this is an opportunity to take stock of the situation, to identify what has worked and what needs to be improved and to develop solutions jointly. Customer feedback is a valuable source of information for the bank.

The global scale of the HSBC Group is what makes this dedicated support possible. Indeed, this is one of the many aspects that sets it apart from its competitors. An international network and operations in different countries through its subsidiaries give it an in-depth knowledge both of local regulations, which are wide-ranging and increasingly complex (exchange controls, payment standards, for example), but also local culture and practices. The Account Manager relies on this network every day to support his business clients.

To conclude, the bank can adapt to each customer's needs, depending on where they operate. “There is no standard support package. Each business is unique and requires an in-depth understanding of its needs and a bespoke solution. Ultimately, we work as consultants”, emphasises Nicolas Desbois. Either way, the relationship between the bank and the client is built around trust.

There is no standard support package. Each business is unique and requires an in-depth understanding of its needs and a bespoke solution

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